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Shop Location: 9018 Rt. 5 & 20, West Bloomfield, NY 14585


~ Ghost Related ~ Psychopomp Services (House & Aura Clearings, Paranormal Investigations): A psychopomp (“rescue medium”) is a healer of the restless dead, also called earthbound spirits or ghosts. A psychopomp can help when a person is struggling with a suspected haunting or other troubles with unquieted spirits. Rev. Vanessa has been a psychopomp for a decade and is on the tail end of completing her first book on the topic called “The Rainbow Bridge Method of Spirit Release.” She is also available for mentoring, speaking engagements and teaching classes on the little-known topic of rescue mediumship and psychopompery. If you believe that an unquieted spirit, restless spirit or ghost has been lingering in your space in a way that is making you uncomfortable, a psychopomp healing session can help. Please reach out to Rev. Vanessa at: She performs paranormal investigation, house clearings, aura clearings and can help with related issues such as sleep paralysis and shadow figure phenomena. Cost: $50 for 1 hr, $75 for 90 min. or $100 for 2 hours

~ Source Light & Reiki Energy Healing Sessions: Include an intuitive “check in” for messages from your guiding spirits and soul. Cost: $50 for 1 hr, $75 for 90 min. or $100 for 2 hours

~ Healing with Myth, Gods & Guides Sessions: Rev. Vanessa will intuitively connect to archetypal deity & guiding spirit energies seeking to offer healing and will channel the healing to the client. Myth may be incorporated into sessions to understand why certain archetypal energies and spirits have appeared to offer healing and intuitive messages maybe offered by guiding spirits. Cost: $50 for 1 hr, $75 for 90 min. or $100 for 2 hours

~ Shamanic & Folk Magic Healing Sessions: Cost: $100 for 2 hours

~ Lenormand Oracle Card Readings: Cost: $30 for 1/2 hour or $40 for 45 minutes by appointment.

~ Creating your Dream Life and Manifesting with Shamanism, Witchery & Folk Magic Sessions: Co-creative session to connect with intuition, spirits and deities to develop a plan for manifesting your goals using magical practice. Cost: $50 for 1 hr, $75 for 90 min. or $100 for 2 hours

~ Mentoring: Mentoring in Psychopompery (“rescue mediumship”), Hedge Riding (Shamanic Journeying/Astral Projection) and Wild Hedge Spiritcraft: $75 for 1 & 1/2 hours

~ Classes, Circles & Rituals: Check the Events page for upcoming classes, circles, guided meditations and rituals.

~ Space Rental for Classes: The shop is available to rent for small classes, workshops, circles and rituals. Maximum of 8 people plus the instructor. A healing bed and chairs are available for use. Rev. Hanks or an associate will be present the day of the event.

~ Speaking Engagements: Available for speaking engagements on Psychopomp Healing Work (“Rescue Mediumship”) and other topics.

Legal Disclaimer: Intuitive readings are for entertainment purposes only. Healing sessions are not for the purpose of diagnosing or curing illness or disease but instead to clear and balance a person’s energy field in order to promote self-healing. I make no claims that healing sessions can cure physical, mental or emotional illness. I am an ordained Spiritualist Minister through the Healing Light Spiritualist Church in Camp Etna, Maine and a practicing Pagan. My healing work is spiritual and energetic in nature.

ABOUT VANESSA (Owner): Spirit Medium, Psychopomp (Ghost Rescuer), Intuitive Healer, Shamanic & Pagan Practitioner, Folk Magic Practitioner, Paranormal Investigator.

Hello!  Here is a little bit about me.  I am a down-to-earth spirit medium, psychopomp, folk witch, pagan and shamanic practitioner, and energy healer, who believes that each of us is here to contribute to our world in beautiful and unique ways.  I see the magic and spirit in all things and believe that of us is an incredible, intuitive and magical being.  I hope to share this perspective with you through my store and services.

Like many intuitives, I come from a spirited family line. On my mother’s side, my great-grandmother Matilda read Lenormand and gypsy cards. I feel very blessed to have inherited her original set of Lenormand oracle cards from 1905. They are one of my most prized ancestral possessions. My maternal grandmother Francis saw spirits her entire life – and my father, was born an astral traveler who grew up with out-of-body experiences and shadow figures from the time he was very young. He often tells the story of waking up one night floating on the ceiling and watching his parents come into his room to check on him! All of these intuitive gifts manifested in me from a very young age. I grew up seeing spirits, and as I got older, these experiences became more intense until I decided to discover why the spirit world was calling me. I started my journey in mediumship but over time fell in love with shamanic practice and folk healing and magic. All of these experiences have blended into how I do my spiritual and healing work.

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