Separating the Wheat from the Chaff Ritual for Lammas

                This is my second post on the upcoming Lammas holiday.  My first post was on creating Purposeful Poppets for a New Moon Lammas (or nearly new moon!).  Doing a craft for Lammas is a great way of honoring Lugh, the Craftsman God of the Celts, and Gaia who has been creating her harvest for us.  As I contemplated the spiritual aspects of entered the grain harvest, an idea emerged to do a “Separating the Wheat from the Chaff Ritual.”  I am always up for an opportunity to reflect on what is serving me in my life – and what is not.  What am I giving my energy to that is not allowing my fullest harvest to come into fruition?  

                Separating the wheat from the chaff is the process of removing the husk, called the “chaff,” from around the wheat seed.  When a person says they are “separating the wheat from the chaff” it means that they are keeping only what is of value.

                On this Lammas, try “separating the wheat from the chaff” in your internal spaces (mind and emotions) and in your life.  What are you giving value to that really needs to be released?  We are all far too busy to give our limited energy to things that do not support us, or worse, detract from our joy and peace. 

                For me, this summer has been all about becoming clearer on what is truly on my path and what is not.  And what am I feeding in my life with my thoughts, feelings, time and actions that is not feeding me.

                I am a strong believer in the shamanic concept of sacred reciprocity.  If I give, then I should receive; and if I receive, then I should also give.  As Odin wisely stated, “a gift for a gift.”   If you give your time and emotions to an endeavor, but it leaves you empty or feeling badly – that is not a gift for a gift.  If you are always the one to reach out to a friend, but they do not reach out to you – that is not a gift for a gift.  You can begin to see why sacred reciprocity is such an important concept to our holistic wellbeing. 

                Take a little time this Lammas and think about what you value in your life and what truly represents who you are.  Think about what is “not you,” or is not feeding you, that needs to be released.  Try the simple ritual below for setting your intentions that what is truly you and on your path grows, and what no longer serves you is released to the Universe.  Feel lighter and empowered by your choice to be in sacred reciprocity with your own beautiful soul who is always giving but not always being heard or honored. This ritual can help you gain clarity as to what truly represents “you” so that you can step closer to living in alignment with your sacred soul.

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff Ritual

You will need:

·         Paper & pen

·         Grain seeds – It does not need to be wheat seeds if they are hard to come by.  I plan to use oats as they are readily in my house.  Dried corn kernels would work as well. 

·         A candle

·         Two containers – such as two small mason jars.

·         Herbs of abundance like cinnamon, allspice, cloves, ginger

·         Fire or access to an outdoor space

            Step 1:  Create sacred space in your chosen way.  I do it through visualization, intention setting and sacred smoke.  You can use any method that resonates with you such as  casting a circle with salt or other technique.

            Step 2: Light the candle and call in the Divine, Gods and Goddesses you work with or you are seeking to assist you in this ritual (Lugh for instance – after all, this is his holiday) and your ally spirits – including your own soul!

            Step 3:  Set intentions that the true callings of your heart, and what is truly representative of you in your life, be revealed, as well as what is no longer serving you and is taking energy from you.  Ask the spirits you called in for guidance and clarity on this topic.

            Step 4:  Take pen and paper and create two lists – one with aspects of your life that are on your path and are “you,” and one that lists things taking your energy and not serving you.  You can simply label the lists: “You” and “Not You.”

            Step 5:  Take a grain seed (or a small handful of seeds) and hold it in your hands.  Close your eyes or focus on the candle and with seed in hand, think about the first item on your list that is “You.”  Mentally, and with love, honor that aspect of your life.  Thank it and ask that it continues to grow.  If it is a person, thank their spirit and ask that the relationship grow in healthy and abundant ways. 

            Step 6:  Designate one of the two jars for the things that are “You” and the other jar for what needs to be released at this time (i.e., Not You).  After holding the seed (or small handful of seeds) for each aspect of your life you wish to honor and grow, place that seed in “You” jar. 

            Step 7:  After you finish with the “You” list, work on the “Not you” list.  Follow the same process, but this time; intend that the aspects of your life that are “Not You” be released with love.  Thank what is “Not You” for helping you to become clearer as to  what is you and for its lessons. Place the seed (or small handful of seeds) for each item on the “Not You” list into the “Not You” jar. 

            Step 8:  Take the “You” jar and add your abundance herbs to it.  Set intentions that the wonderful things you have put into the jar grow in your life.  Set the jar aside in your home for all long as you feel called to.  When ready to release the “You” jar seeds, take them outside and throw them into the air with intentions of gratitude and a continued presence in your life – if that is what you seek.

            Step 9: Take the “Not You” jar and throw the contents into a fire to burn and be released from your life.  If you do not have access to fire, then go outside and throw the contents into the air with strong focused intentions that these aspects of your life be released. You can imagine the seeds burning and turning to ash which the winds will carry away from you.

Let me know how the ritual works for you and whether you experience shifts from doing it. And remember to have some fun this Lammas! This is the start of the harvest season, a time of merriment and enjoying the fruits if your labor!

            Happy Lammas!  Blessed Be! 

Copyright 2021 Vanessa Hanks, All Rights Reserved.

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