Creating a Magic Mirror for Imbolc House Clearing:

A long time ago when I was only 12, I had a beautiful dream of being in an ancient forest where there was a small cottage. I was invited inside and discovered that the cottage was connected to my ancestors. A female ancestor dressed in Victorian era clothes asked me to sit down. She opened an old photo album and began to show me various black and white pictures. She said “These are your ancestors and they love you more than you know.” That dream has always stayed with me.

After creating the mirror in the picture to this post, I journeyed – or hedge rode in witch lingo – to discover how I should use it. I was taken back to my ancestral cottage. My ancestors showed me that the mirror could be used as a portal, and could pull into it, any unsupportive energies or unquieted spirits in my home.

The energies and spirits would be drawn into a large cauldron in the kitchen of the ancestral cottage. Any unquieted spirits wishing to transition, would then travel up the steam from the cauldron into the Light. But if there were any truly harmful spirits, they would be placed in bottles (spirit traps) and put on shelves in the cottage’s kitchen.

Lately, I have been posting different clearing methods ahead of Imbolc (February 1st) – the next turning of the wheel. Imbolc is an auspicious time to do some “spring cleaning,” including energetic clearing and blessing your home.

For the ancient Celtic people, Imbolc was the start of spring. Creating a magic mirror portal is one way to clear your home after the long winter months when unsupportive energies can accumulate and become stagnant.

You will notice almost immediately how the energy of your home changes after doing a bit of clearing work! Using a mirror clearing portal is a very effective tool but does requires a bit of ground work. Below is a simple method that you can try!


  1. Choose a small mirror and energetically clear it using your chosen method (for me, that is an herbal smoke clearing).
  2. Set strong intentions that your spirit allies take you to a place in the spirit realms (through hedge riding) were you can send unsupportive energies and any harmful or unquieted spirits in your home.
  3. Perform a hedge ride (a journey into the spirit realms). Allow your intuition and spirits to guide you to a place where you can send unsupportive energies to be recycled and any unquieted spirits to be transitioned or banished. Once you have a clear idea of the place and any ally spirits who will help you with your clearing work, strongly intend that your mirror be connected to that place creating a portal.
  4. Be sure to set strong intentions that the mirror only goes one way – pulling unsupportive energies from your home into it but not allowing any back.
  5. Create or intuit a sigil that you can draw with your finger on your mirror to open the portal for use. I simply draw a spiral.
  6. Once you open your mirror portal, place it in a central location in your house and simply leave it there to clear the space. I leave the mirror in the living room or on the dining room table.
  7. When you feel your house is clear, close the mirror portal. I simply envision double doors closing and locking. Afterwards, be sure to thank the spirit of your mirror and the spirits of the place you have connected your mirror too.

I hope you will enjoy creating your own magic mirror for clearing work!

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