Cailleach Firewood Meditation

Happy Cailleach Day (Feb. 2nd)! Above is a drawing I did of Cailleach a couple years ago. Cailleach is the Irish and Scottish goddess of winter and weather who sometimes ventures out on Imbolc to gather wood. If the day is sunny and pleasant, Cailleach will collect firewood and extend winter in order to use it. But if the weather is bad, she will remain asleep through Imbolc and spring will soon arrive.

If this reminds you of Groundhog Day on February 2nd – you would be correct! They are similar traditions. Weather divination was common this time of year. The Christian name for Imbolc holiday is Candlemas. We get Groundhog Day from German immigrants who came to America and brought a similar idea as the Celtic story of Cailleach – that what happened on Candlemas would foretell whether spring was coming or whether winter would be longer. Those German immigrants settled in Pennsylvania and gave us Punxsutawney Phil!

I sometimes do a meditation this time of year to meet the goddess Cailleach. My intention is to see whether I am internally ready for springtime or wherher I still need the rest, reflection and slower pace of winter? Is my spirit ready to come alive with inspiration and activity, or am I still dreaming my next year into existence? Am I ready to emerge from hibernation or do I need a bit longer in the wintery dream world?


For this meditation, I simply envision that I am walking down a path through the woods. I pay attention to whether I am seeing signs of spring or winter. The signs reflect where I am at internally.

I come to a clearing, where Cailleach is standing. I pay attention to whether she has a bundle of firewood in her hands or not. This is another symbol of my internal space.

I then spend time communing with Cailleach. Sometimes we will take a walk and gather more firewood (reflecting that I need more time in winter energies). Other times, we will sit around a fire and chat (reflecting that is not the time to gather more wood but instead to use the last of it). I will do a bit of spirit divination work through asking Cailleach any burning questions I may have or advice on things I am facing. I always give an offering prior to calling upon a deity. During and at the close of my interaction, I thank the spirit for their presence and any information or healing they have provided.

This meditation is so simple but a great way to do an internal check in this time of year!


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  1. Scott Hubbard

    Thank you Vanessa!  Hope you are well.



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    • Vanessa

      I am glad the meditation was insightful. When I did it this year, Cailleach immediately appeared with a large bundle of wood in her hands and shoved it into mine. I guess I need more time with winter energies lol!


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