Valentine’s Day is right around the corner on February 14th. Some theorize that this holiday is connected to the ancient Roman holiday of Lupercalia (Feb. 15th), and of course to St. Valentine, a Christian martyr.

But this post isn’t about Lupercalia or St. Valentine. It is about the sweet, chubby baby cupids we often see this time of year. These winged spirit babies are actually called the “putti.” They are connected with Eros the Greek god of love and desire, whose Roman counterpart is Cupid. Cupid was originally depicted as a young man but over time took on the appearance of a putto.

I honestly never heard of the putti before today! And I wasn’t even planning on posting an article for Valentine’s Day. But my spirits had a different idea.

If you have read other posts of mine, you may know that I am a psychopomp – a healer of the restless dead (ghosts). I met the putti today during a soul rescue, but my story with the putti really begins a couple days ago.

Recently, I have had left hip pain. Yes, I have seen my doctor and thankfully I am on the mend! But as a psychopomp, I like to treat my ailments not only physically, but also spiritually and energetically. Given I attract a lot of earthbound spirits as a soul rescuer, I wanted to see if there were any lingering around that area of my body.

Sure enough, my guides showed me a little boy spirit who was on my hip – just how a child would be carried by his mother. When I tapped in deeper, I saw a group of children spirits. I called upon the mother goddesses to help and the beautiful children were transitioned into the Light to peace.

Fast forward to earlier today. I wanted to do a check-in to see how my hip was doing energetically. I saw the spirit of a man lingering in that area. He had metal crutches that he used to walk as if he had MS or other degenerative muscle disease. I talked with him, offered him energy healing, and open the Light. It was then that the putti appeared. They lovingly put him on a cloud and flew around him just like in an old painting. Their energy was incredible. I immediately felt light-hearted, filled with love, carefreeness, and playfulness. I have been in their incredible energy ever since.

It was only after finishing the soul rescue that I realized that Valentine’s Day was this week. It seems no mistake that my experience with the putti coincided with the energetic time of year that they are most associated with in our culture. I felt so blessed to have met the putti and be encompassed by their beautiful energy of love. It also seemed to be no coincidence that I helped young children spirits to transition and then had these beautiful baby spirit guides appear the next day.

The putti are considered to be beings of pure love. This is what I felt when I was with them. This Valentine’s Day, consider connecting with the putti and their beautiful energy of light-heartedness, love and play. Who doesn’t need more of that in their life!

You can connect with the Putti through a meditation where you simply respectfully invite them in with a heart open to love. I hope you have the opportunity to meet the putti this Valentine’s Day!


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  1. Bonnie Frank


    div dir=”ltr”>I love this! I’ve never heard of putti before, but I recognize them. When I do IET sessions I always invite the cherubs


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