The greatest journey of my life (besides being a parent!) has been discovering my calling as a “soul rescuer” – also known as a “rescue medium” or “psychopomp.”  It is a unique calling that few intuitives perform in the modern era.  Soul rescue helps to guide earthbound spirits into the Divine Light, allowing these often struggling souls to return home to the Heavens.  It is deeply connected to Earth healing and maintaining healthy high vibrational spaces. For this reason, I am also a home & land healer.  I help to energetically clear and tend to land, homes and the “spirit ecosystem” in order to co-create spaces that are harmonious, healthy and supportive.   Soul rescue and clearing work has been performed by shamans and healers since the dawn of human society. This gift is connected to those who are astral travelers – the shaman’s gift of “spirit walking” and “soul flight,” and the witch’s gift of “hedge riding.”    After many years of transitioning earthbound souls, I am passionate about sharing with others what I have learned.  In 2022, I will release my first book on soul rescue called “The Rainbow Bridge Method of Spirit Release.”  I am excited to share this soulful spirit work with the world!  

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