Ghost Related Services

A “psychopomp” guides lost and unhealed souls to the afterlife.

A “psychopomp” guides lost and unhealed souls to the afterlife. These spirits are often called “earthbound spirits,” – or more commonly “ghosts.” Through a process called “soul rescue,” I help to transition earthbound spirits into the Light in order to healed these unquieted souls and restore wellness and harmony for the living.

As a psychopomp, my role is to heal the dead – and in the process, heal the living. The presence of ghosts and unquieted spirits can decreases the wellness of living people. Earthbound spirits infringe on the living through taking up residence in a person’s home (“a haunted house”) or on land, through sleep disturbances (such as sleep paralysis, nightmares, and uncomfortable/frightening nighttime spirit encounters), or by draining a person’s energy leading to fatigue and unwellness. These are some, but not all, of the ways in which the dead can infringe on the living.

Despite what I have described above, this does not mean that ghosts should be feared. They are simply people like you and I, who were captured by their pain, fear, attachments or confusion from life or death experiences. Clearing spaces of ghosts through psychopomp healing practices is an uplifting and beautiful way to helps struggling souls to finally find peace.

Psychopomp Services:

  • House and/or Land Clearings & Blessings
  • Paranormal Investigations
  • Aura Clearing Sessions

If you are in need of psychopomp services, please contact me at or at (585) 397-7444. This healing work can be done in person or remotely.

*During an initial phone or video consultation, I will help to delineate whether an earthbound spirit or other more mundane reason is at the heart of a person’s struggles or experiences. I reserve the right to decline providing services to a client and a person should always consult with a medical or mental health practitioners to rule out physical, mental or emotional causes before reaching out to seek the services of a psychopomp.