Soul Rescue (Psychopomp) Mentorship

Soul rescue is the process of helping to heal and guide earthbound souls into the Divine Light. Soul rescue work allows these beautiful but unhealed souls to return home to the Heavens. Throughout ghost lore globally, earthbound spirits interact with the living. They are known to haunt homes and land, create sleep disturbances, and cause unwellness by linger too close to living people. Soul rescue not only helps to heal our world’s unquieted dead, but also to heal the living when unhealed spirits infringe on their spaces. Discover this soulful shamanic healing work and role it plays in creating healthy spaces the living can thrive in. Sessions are 2 hours in length and can be in person, via phone or video


Hedge Riding & Shamanic Journeying Mentorship

Witches have always flown – think of the witch on her broom. Witches (one of many shamanic archetypes) take flight not in body but in spirit into the spirited worlds. This flight is called spirit walking, hedge riding, hallowing the compass, soul flight and shamanic journeying. During a Hedge Riding & Shamanic Journeying Mentorship, you will learn different techniques for entering the Otherworld and discovering its diverse landscapes. Learning to hedge ride will open the door to the Spirit worlds and to the mysteries, healing, guidance and magic that can be discovered there and brought into your life. Sessions are 2 hours in length and can be done in person, via phone or video.