Folk Magic & Shamanic Healing

Throughout human history, there has been a place in society for folk healers, spirit healers, shamankas and soul doctors.  What all these healers have in common is their connection to the unseen worlds of energy and spirits that allowed them to help the living to heal and manifest their version of a “good life” – one of greater wellness, balance, joy and abundance.  A folk magic healing session can help to uncover the root of unwellness, unhealthy patterns and imbalance in order to:

  • Help heal the spirit
  • Bring greater wellness, healing, joy, peace and balance into a client’s life
  • Manifest positive goals
  • Release unsupportive, negative and unwell energies
  • Cut energetic cords with unsupportive energies, people or ideas
  • Heal from unhealthy ancestral and lineage patterns and programming

I look forward to consulting with you to see if this type of spirit healing is a part of your personal journey.  This type of healing – gets to “the root” of unwellness in order begin the healing journey back to wholeness.  

Rev. Vanessa has apprenticed and received certification in Northern European Shamanic Practice. She has further apprenticed in Core Shamanism, and has received the Munay Ki Initiatory Rites. She incorporates into her shamanic healing, folk magic and ancient pagan wisdom.