Elemental Aura Clearing

Energy clearing entails a combination of strong focused intentions and channeling high vibrational energies towards your endeavor. It is an important healing practice that is all too easy to forget. Let’s face it, life is busy and clearing your energy field, home or land may be at the bottom of your to-do list – if it even makes the list at all! I am a firm believer in simple and easy practices that any person can do amidst a busy life. The Elemental Aura Clearing we will explore in this post is doubly easy, because the only thing you need to do it is yourself!  While I love sage, candles and crystals as much as any other intuitive, it is empowering to know that I can clear my energy field anytime I choose regardless of whether I have these helpful items on hand. If clearing work becomes too burdensome, most people simply will not do it. But when it’s simple, enjoyable and creative, it is more likely that a person will find little pockets of time. And the benefits of these modest efforts are big and will ripple through your life as you feel lighter, healthier, more at peace, and able to hear your inner self and the Divine.

That being said, there are absolutely times in life when we need a more extensive clearing. Particularly after prolonged periods of high stress, conflict or illness. But for normal day-to-day clearing, simple, focused practices are very effective. And if you do them regularly, then during bouts of more significant stress or challenges, you will be better prepared to energetically weather those storms.

I hope you will enjoy this simple Elemental Aura Clearing technique. The version below is to clear a individual’s energy field but can easily be adapted to clear a home or land. 

Elemental Aura Clearing:

This clearing technique uses the energy of fire, water, air, earth and Spirit. Before beginning your clearing, place a column of Divine protective Golden Light around you that stretches from Source high above to the center of the Earth. Next, begin taking in slow, deep and rhythmic breaths. Now you are ready to begin your elemental aura clearing.

Fire: I always start with fire to burn off any unsupportive, dense or unwell energy from my aura. You can use earthly fire colors, but sometimes I employ a vibrant blue flame. Set the intentions that the fire burns off that which is not supportive or healthy for you in your life. Imagine that the fire engulfs you and burns all of your dross to ash.

Water: Next, envision that a beautiful healing rain comes down and puts out the fire. Watch as the ashes fall to the ground. Allow the rain to surround you and heal you. Enjoy it’s cool embrace.

Air: Next, envision that a strong wind starts to blow. It is not a harsh wind, but instead a wind you find comfortable and peaceful. Watch as the ashes get whisked away by the gusts of winds.

Earth: Envision that you are standing on natural ground. The soil is black and fertile. Feel the coolness of it on the bottoms of your feet. Allow the energy of the soil to be drawn up into you, creating fertile ground to grow your intentions for joy, wellness and harmony – or any other intentions that you wish to manifest within you. Watch in your mind’s eye as beautiful new seedlings and saplings begin to pop up out of the fertile soil inside of you. These are your intentions growing.

Spirit/Sun: Lastly, imagine that the sun comes out. This is no ordinary sun – it is the Light of the Divine. The Light fills you with high vibrational energies of love, healing, peace and wellness. Have the Divine Light feed the plants that have emerged inside of you. Watch them mature into flowers, trees, or any other plant you envision. You are now clear, balanced, and grounded. Thank the Divine, your higher self, the spirits of the elements, and any guides that helped. Slowly open your eyes and continue on your day. 

Copyright 2021 Vanessa Hanks, All Rights Reserved.


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  1. courseinmiraclesstudent

    Thank you so much for this post! My sister and I tried this tonight and felt instant results! We’re definitely incorporating it into our routine. 😊


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