I have a positive view of snakes. Snake energy is often thought of as “life force” energy, and in certain cultures, the spirit of the land. Medusa, the snake haired Goddess, has been a long-time spirit ally of mine. Over the years, she has taught me how to incorporate “snake” energy into my clearing and protection practices. I often employ snake spirit wisdom during ritual clearing baths to empower and amplify my intentions.

Ahead of and on Imbolc, is the perfect time to do clearing work. “Imbolc” means “in the belly.” It is a time to prepare and blessing the land and soil for planting – and a time for existing seeds deep in the earth to germinate under the snowy ground (“the belly” of the earth). This is why clearing your spaces is so vital this time of year – because we all want the intentions (seeds) we plant to flourish. In yesterday’s post, I included my base ritual clearing bath (At least 2 cups of Epsom salt and as much Florida water as you feel called to add). Today, I want to share some tips for powering up your clearing bath using snake energy.

Channeling Snake Energy: Connecting to the spirit of Snake as snake itself, life force energy, or the Goddess Medusa, is a powerful way to increase the effectiveness of your ritual cleansing bath. Light a candle or leave an offering to the spirit of snake as a thank you.

Snaking Movement: When you do a clearing bath, dunk every part of your body under the water. Be sure to dunk your head at least 3 times. As you do so, make a snaking movement to shake off unwanted, unhealthy and unsupportive energies, and clingy disincarnate spirits.

Hissing: Making a hissing sound is very powerful for clearing and banishing unwanted energies and spirits. I use this after each dunking of my head. I close my eyes and hiss as I intend all unsupportive, unwell and unwanted energies and disincarnate spirits be banished. I watch as the hissing pushes these energies away and then envision a double door closing. As the door closes, it snaps the cords between myself and unsupportive energies.

Shedding Old Skin: Lastly, starting at your head, take your hands and push down and away, any remnant, unsupportive energies that are stubbornly clinging to your aura. Envision like a snake, you are shedding old skin that no longer serves you.


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